Holidays on the Amalfi Coast: mini cruises by boat

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Amalfi  and  Amalfi  Coast  mini-cruises. A unique place in the world, it is included in the UNESCO  World  Heritage sites, appreciated by millions of tourists for its enchanting landscape, its typical foreshortenings, and the boat  trips along the coast every year.

Amalfi and the entire Amalfi Coast, from Capri to Ischia and to Sorrento attract a lot of tourists, VIPs and celebrities
every year, who spend their holidays in the Mediterranean landscape of the coast on board mega yachts, which dock at
the little harbor in Amalfi.

Especially the boating holidays represent one of the main requests, so Amalfi Marine makes several competitive relax
services available, among which boat hire in Amalfi, Ischia and Capri, apart from other packages such as water motor,
transfers and taxi services, boat party on the Amalfi Coast, events and boat rental services for weddings.

You can arrange a 3 or 5 day mini cruise around Amalfi, Capri, Ischia and Procida, on boats with skippers. The point of departure and the tour can be completely customised. The covered areas are Salerno, Positano, Sorrento, Capri,
Palinuro, Maratea and others, and you can decide to overnight on boat or at a hotel. During the whole stay tourists are
assisted by qualified staff.

adminHolidays on the Amalfi Coast: mini cruises by boat

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