Last minute offers for trips, mini cruises, boat tours

Amalfi Marine is your point of reference for charming and fascinating tours and excursions with boats and rubber dinghy. Our boat rental services are the best solution for those who love the seaside and the marine life. Catching sun from your boat will be a fantastic experience with the context of the Amalfi Coast.

We offer special last minute and low cost offers to those who book a mini-cruise on the Amalfi Coast, a personalized boat excursion or boat rental,  motor boats, jet skis up to 5 days before!

Contact us by phone or send us a message with your ideal itinerary, you can choose from Amalfi, Praiano, l’isola Li Galli, Positano, NeranoCapri with the Blue Grotto, the Green Grotto and the fantastic Faraglioni, Ischia, Procida and many other spots of the Amalfi Coast, or choose to live themini cruise of your dreams on the Amalfi Coast, or alternativelyalong the Cilento coast.

adminLast minute offers for trips, mini cruises, boat tours