Capri is one of the most important destinations in Italy, and has been the favorite celebrities’ holiday spot.
The coast of Capri is full of inlets, small coves and caves, including the White Grotto, the Green Grotto and the universally recognized Blue Grotto, the most famous natural wonder of the island thanks to the unique play of light that shows in its waters.

You can rent boats and dinghies with or without skipper, and start your sailing for a whole day of discovering the wonders of Capri and its marvelous Faraglioni.

Choose to sail on your own into the crystal clear waters of Capri or just relax and enjoy the scenery while one of our experienced skippers takes you to the most beautiful places in the area. Any direction you choose to go, our staff is at your disposal! What are you waiting to organize your boat trip to Capri? Book it now!

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