Cilento coast

We organize boat trips to Palinuro, Acciaroli, Marina di Camerota and the most beautiful bays, coves and beaches, from Capo Palinuro to Porto Infreschi.

Sailing through the beautiful sea along the coast of the Cilento National Park, we will go into the bays and coves, where you can find the most spectacular grottos of Cilento. After crossing over the coast of Cilento you can stop for a swim in one of the many little beaches, where the sea has the most unimaginable colors.

A boat trip to the small island of Licosa its a perfect ending for a day spent in one of the most charming places of Italy.

Choose to sail on your own into the crystal clear waters of the Cilento coast or just relax and enjoy the scenery while one of our experienced skippers takes you to the most beautiful places in the area. Any direction you choose to go, our staff is at your disposal!

What are you waiting to organize your boat trip to the Cilento coast? Book it now!

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