Trip on boat: visit the Amalfi Coast

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When you take a holiday on the Amalfi Coast you cannot do without trips on the sea, from Ischia to Capri, from Procida to Sorrento, a trip on boat gives the visitor a unique view. Visiting the Amalfi Coast on boat, you can plunge yourself into a unique panorama, from the uncontaminated beach to the caves and the typical clefts of the place, to the houses on the rocky coast.

In the main places on the coast, Amalfi Marine offers the possibility to hire a boat, you can also request a skipper in all safety and for an acceptable budget for everyone.  Giving value to your holiday on the sea by a trip on boat on the Amalfi Coast is very easy. We provide mini cruises around Amalfi as well as tours on board elegant boats, transfers and Taxi services, including special packages such as the sunset view from the boat. In addition you can arrange a photographic service for your wedding on the sea on a wonderful boat to keep the memory of the most beautiful day in the setting of Amalfi, the stacks of Capri, Procida and Ischia.

adminTrip on boat: visit the Amalfi Coast

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