Ravello by night with boat

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Visit beachs of Ravello by night with boat

The town of Ravello, which is located on a hill inland behind the Amalfi Coast, also has its beaches.

These are very beautiful and particular beaches, with crystal clear water, in short, they are truly enchanting places.

Let’s see which are these beaches in Ravello and how they can be reached.

There are three beaches in Ravello:

1. Carusiello

We find this beach after about a kilometer from the Minori seafront.

It is a very small beach, about 6 meters long, which can be accessed on foot from a private villa, but those who want to get there can only do it from the sea with our private boats.

Being oriented to the east and having high rocks behind it, the sun goes away in the late morning.

2. Lama a secca

Among the beaches in Ravello, in the area called San Cosma, after about 130 meters the promontory of the “Torre dello Scarpariello”, this is a little larger than the previous one, about 12 meters.

The accesses on foot for this beach belong to two private villas, so if you want to get there, it is only possible by sea, with us of course.

The name Lama ‘a Secca derives from the submerged rocks that almost emerge in front of it, dangerous for boats at low tide.

3. Castiglione’s beach

This is the official beach of Ravello, the largest – 112 meters long – and is located in the hamlet of Castiglione.

The beach is closed on three sides by a high cliff and offers a beautiful view of the bell tower of the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena in the nearby village of Atrani.


But Ravello is also known  for history and culture.

It has been named the City of Music and is home to the Villa CimbroneVilla Rufolo, the striking Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium and a vibrant cultural scene: Ravello FestivalRavello Concert Society.

Thousands of years of history, an enchanting mountaintop setting on Italy’s most beautiful coastline and views that have captivated countless souls, inspired artists and filled hearts with passion.

There are still stories to be uncovered along its medieval streets, garden villas and ancient stone pathways.

We invite you to visit and discover the natural beauty, history, and magic of Ravello! 

Ravello by night with boat